Janet Curley Cannon is an American born (Seattle, WA) artist based in Berkshire, England. She gained her BA in Art History from the University of Washington, Seattle and MA in Fine Art Print from Camberwell College, University of the Arts, London. She exhibits on a regular basis and has been selected for many national and international exhibitions and curated projects such as the BBC Big Screens programme, London's Gasworks Gallery, Pixel Pops USA, and the International Print Triennial, Poland. Her work is held in public and private collections in the UK, Europe and the USA and is documented in several publications including 'The Language of Mixed-Media Sculpture' by Jac Scott (ARBS) Crowood Press 2014.

Artist Statement

Italo Calvino in his book 'Invisible Cities' said "The city does not tell us its past, but contains it like the lines of a hand, written in the corner of the streets, the gratings of the windows, the banisters of the steps, every segment marked in turn." I am an ardent observer of the built environment, I gather visual inspiration through my travels at home and abroad. Modern structures fill a city skyline with gleaming surfaces; reflecting shards of urban growth are seen as declarations of financial success. While in back streets and forgotten neighbourhoods derelict walls become textural tapestries; interfered with signs and fragments of faded posters are varnished with a film of daily life, bearing witness to the passage of time and the changing culture. These disparate environments speak volumes about a place; they tell of past lives, present circumstances, future hopes and fears. These visual inspirations are combined with my interest in current affairs - income disparities, education and social justice, urban expansion and the environment, age and gender related issues - these are some of the themes that run through my work.

Information on Materials and Techniques Used

My work on paper includes limited edition prints, collages and unique drawings. The drawings start with sketchbook pen drawings and original photographs which are combined digitally using photo-manipulation, digital collage, and digital drawing then printed using pigment inks onto drawing paper. Using a variety of materials such as lightfast marker pens, pencils, acrylic paint, and wax crayons, often including collaged elements, I create unique works that blend the photographic with the hand drawn. My digital prints are created using photo-manipulation, digital collage, and digital drawing printed in small limited editions using archival pigment inks onto fine art digital paper. My mosaic works explore my fascination with architectural repetition through unique patterned pieces using glass tiles, some are suitable for outdoor placement.

An ongoing pursuit of creating distressed surfaces for interpreting decay and regeneration has been significant to my practice and has led me to research a range of experimental or lesser known techniques and materials to create my mixed-media work in both 2D and sculptural forms. Digital Fresco is a technique where an image is printed using a pigment inkjet printer onto a water-soluble prepared surface then transferred by hand onto wet fresco (fine plaster). Paper Mache Clay is a material made by combining paper, plaster and glue to create a lightweight and durable medium which can be easily applied to a variety of structures and once dried acts as a strong, absorbent surface for other sculptural materials.

Upcoming Exhibitions

I will be exhibiting this April at The Contemporary Art Fair Reading on Stand 38 with a selection of my cityscapes in mixed-media work on canvas and wood panels, framed drawings and limited edition prints. The fair is open Saturday April 21st 10AM - 6PM and Sunday 22nd 10AM to 5PM, please email me if you would like an invite to the PV or a half-price entry voucher.

This July I'm curating an exhibition on the theme of ageing and memories at The Brock Keep Gallery, Open Hand Open Space, Reading. The exhibition will explore, through a variety of media, topics such as - personal reflections on growing older; the impact of age related diseases on memory; how older people are viewed in a world that is constantly changing; and other ideas that are drawn from the experiences of old age. There is an Open Call out (deadline 20/05/18) for artists to submit work for selection, more information can be found on Curator Space.


For more information on materials and techniques please refer to the Bibliography section on my CV page. For any comments, questions, or availability of artwork or workshops please contact me via email to info_at_jcurleycannon_dot_com (replacing the _at_ and _dot_ with the punctuation).

You can also follow me on Twitter for my musings on art, the universe and everything.